• Jan 13, 2015
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2015 Trend Prediction - Color

Color Trends Articles Blues/Purples Coastal Living Room Whites

By Maria Killam

A hot new 2015 trend for color is indigo blue. This deep shade of blue, along with navy, also provides a crisp backdrop for vivid colors like turquoise, pinks and greens.


As well as indigo blue, you’ll be seeing a resurgence of cognac, camel and caramel.  These earthy shades, along with animal prints in the same tones, create a wonderful juxtaposition with all the popular bright Colors, and can show up in a yummy cognac leather sofa, in caramel sisal or sea-grass area rugs, and in the textures of camel-colored natural baskets, wooden bowls and cutting boards to warm up an on-trend white-on-white kitchen.


2015 will be a great year to enjoy vibrant colors and bright whites paired with gray and blacks, deep indigo blues as well as rich cognac, caramel and camel.

For more from Maria on this year's color trends, download the winter issue of our Beautiful Design Made Simple digital magazine.

Maria is a design blogger, decorator, stylist, author of and an internationally sought-after color expert. She’s the author of the best-selling eBook, How to Choose Paint Colors — It’s All in the Undertones and the soon to be released eBook, White is Complicated — A Decorator’s Guide to Choosing the Right White Every Time. Get Color to do what you want at www.mariakillam.com.

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