Best Vinyl Flooring Options

Earthscapes, Verostone, & Invincible H20

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Vinyl flooring has become a favorite for many homeowners due to its ability to mimic real hardwood and stone, its durability, and affordability. At World of Carpet One Floor & Home, we are proud to offer the top luxury vinyl brands in the industry, which includes Verostone, Invincible H20, and Earthscapes. 

What is Vinyl Tile Made of?


Verostone is vinyl tile flooring that provides the authentic stone looks with more warmth, comfort, and durability. Verostone is known for its easy maintenance and installation. Also, the surface are warm to the tough and softer than natural stone making it the perfect floor for home’s with active families and pets. Verostone can be installed on any level of your home and offers more durability compared to real stone. 

Is Vinyl Plank Flooring Really Waterproof?

Invincible H20

Invincible H20 is a top vinyl flooring pick due to its locking systems, cork foundation, Lifetime warranty, and 100% waterproof construction. Invincible H20’s unique locking system is about to lock out all leaks, and the rigid core is able to go over many existing floors, including concrete. Invincible H20 is considered to have one of the strongest joints available and is dent, scratch, scuff, and stain resistant. In addition, the luxury vinyl floors provide the handcrafted designer looks of real hardwood.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring


Earthscapes vinyl sheet flooring offers hardwood, tile, and stone looks. Additionally, they are comfortable and long lasting. The urethane wear layer ensures durability by providing scratch, stain, scuff, and wear resistance. Also, Earthscapes flooring is naturally water resistant and easy to maintain. The floor is even comfortable for kids and pets while taking on the natural characteristic of real hardwood and tile. 

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