Wall to Wall Carpet Trends

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Wall to Wall Carpet Trends

Purchasing new carpeting is a major investment. Given this fact, most homeowners purchase carpet flooring with the intent to keep it for many decades on end. Nevertheless, given that carpet trends are typically temporary, finding a timeless style can be very difficult. With that said, the following is an overview of three tips that will help you select carpet flooring that is timeless. 

Carpet Color Trends

  1. Neutral Colors- A great way to ensure your carpeting is timeless is by using neutral colors. Not only do the colors tend to match with more decor over time, but neutral colors are great at hiding dirt and other stains that result from everyday wear and tear. Moreover, in the case in which you may sell your home, even potential buyers tend to respond better to homes that have been decorated with neutral colors. 

  2. Use Patterns- In addition to that, purchasing carpeting that includes patterns is another way to ensure that your carpet flooring remains timeless. This is largely due to the fact that patterns also tend to hide dirt better than non-patterned carpeting. In addition to that, carpeting with patterns provides something visually interesting to look at, which is often a plus for potential buyers. 

  3. Closed-Loop Style- Lastly, although this style of carpeting dominated the industry in the 1990's, it remains a viable option as the closed loops are resistant to stains and dirt. With a tighter weave that helps keep the dirt out, this is the type of carpeting that has some serious longevity.

Overall, finding timeless carpeting to purchase for your home doesn't have to be as difficult as it seems. By simply following the tips listed within this post, you are well on your way to finding carpeting that both looks great and lasts a lifetime.

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