How to Clean Carpet by Yourself

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How to Clean Carpet

Carpet is a residential flooring choice that offers warmth, comfort and versatility for years to come. With a vast selection of styles, textures and colors to choose from, it is easy to find a type of carpet that matches your home specifications exactly. One of the greatest benefits of carpeting your floors is that it provides a cushioned space for kids to play without the risk of falling on a hard floor.

How do I Clean Carpet by Hand

With the functionality and versatility of carpet comes the issue of maintenance. From spilled drinks to dirt that gets caked into carpet fibers over time, there are a variety of ways your carpet can become stained. The best carpet cleaner for the job depends on a variety of factors, including which type of carpet you have and the nature of the soil.

How to Clean Carpet by Yourself

The first thing to keep in mind when deciding how to clean carpet stains is whether the soil is wet or dry. If you have spilled a liquid, such as milk or soda, the spill should be cleaned immediately. Other odorous liquids, such as pet urine, can become trapped in the carpet fibers if allowed to sit. Stain-resistant carpets only go so far when it comes to set-in stains.

Dry soil is typically caused by foot traffic, dust and allergens that become lodged in carpet fibers. Hypoallergenic carpets can reduce the rate of dry soil accumulation, but carpet cleaning is still the best way to keep your carpets fresh and free of residue. Frequent vacuuming can also help lift dirt and prevent it from becoming ground into the carpet.

What is the Best Way to Clean a Carpet?

Vacuums with rotating brush attachments offer the highest level of cleaning and regular vacuuming removes up to 80 percent of carpet soil that causes stains. For tough, set-in stains, liquid cleaners can work wonders. There are some liquid cleaner varieties that break down the enzymes found in pet urine and other odorous stains, lifting the stains as well as removing the odors from your carpets. Get more out of your chosen carpet cleaner with a regular cleaning routine. Be sure to vacuum and apply cleaners to high-traffic areas since those are the places where stains and soil accumulate the fastest.

How do you Keep your Carpets Clean?

When choosing the best carpet cleaner, be sure to look for formulations that are compatible with your carpet type. Some materials are more resilient than others, and certain formulations could cause issues with carpet that has been specially sealed or treated. By taking the time to choose the right products and establish a regular cleaning routine, you can extend the life and vibrancy of your carpet.

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