Invincible LVT Flooring

Invincible LVT Flooring at World of Carpet One Floor & Home in Santa Rosa, CA

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is known for its durability and budgeted options for hardwood and stone lookalikes. However, with so many brands available it is hard to decide on the right one for your home. Que our World of Carpet One Floor & Home store, which has the top resilient LVT brands in stock- including Invincible LVT Flooring. The Invincible LVT brand has set the bar for LVT floors, and recently has taken it a step further with the new H2O Collection.

Invincible LVT flooring is already known for its Moistureloc Seal, Intensity Surface Shield, and Superbase Construction. However, the H20 collection is a step above, making Invincible one of the most resilient floors in the industry.

If you don’t know much about the Invincible LVT brand to begin with, here is some information on the bases of the floor:  

Moistureloc Seal

The Invincible LVT seal provides a revolutionary installation method that uses a click watertight seal; and thus, making it one of the strongest and tightest water resistant and dust proof LVT floors in the industry.

Intensity Surface Shield.

Invincible is considered to be one of the most durable floors available, for it stands up to dents, scratches, scuffs, and stains.

Superbase Construction

Other hard surface floors might show more wear and tear easily, not to mention you may begin to notice that flat surface is starting to swell. Nonetheless, Invincible won’t shrink, expand, curl, or gap. This LVT floors is assembled with a woven support core, meaning it can adapt over any surface.


Invincible LVT flooring is already incredibly resilient, but with the H20 collection the standard for LVT flooring is raised.

This new H20 collection is completely waterproof by using the locking system to stop leaks and keep a dry subfloor. Additionally, it is pet proof as a result of its ceramic-fused finish that creates a tougher exterior. If that’s not enough, H20 has developed new flooring styles that won’t be lost under scuff marks due to its tougher surface shield.

Warranties are important for any homeowner, and besides our Carpet One Floor & Home Beautiful Guarantee, this collection also offers the Lifetime coverage for wear, fading, stains, gauges, and water.

To learn more about the Invincible collections at our World of Carpet One Floor & Home in Santa Rosa, CA, contact us today.