pet friendly flooring from Carpet One

Pet Friendly Flooring Santa Rosa, CA

Ask any pet owner about maintaining their flooring while loving their pets, and they will tell you that it is not a simple balance. Bringing your pet home for the first time can be exciting but your floors can take a huge hit. From accidents on the floor to treating your floors like chew toys, your pets can totally trash your place if you aren't prepared. The good news is that there are flooring options available that are recommended to pet parents that will withstand the test of their furry babies while still looking great.

Vinyl tile
One of the best go to options for flooring in general, vinyl is the premier flooring options for pet parents. Each of the tiles can be removed individually and replaced in case of a serious accident. Since these are tiles, they are not absorbent which means random accidents with urine can be easily cleaned up without leaving behind the odor that screams I have pets! The vinyl tiles are able to hold up under typical foot traffic, including your pet's feet. 

Pet friendly carpets
There are specially made pet friendly carpets that are stain and odor resistant. While it may be more difficult to spot clean a pet urine stain off of carpet, you will not have to worry about unsightly stains dotting your beautiful floor. 

When it comes to having pets in your home, you have to consider their accidents, running, muddy foot prints, and fur everywhere. With the right flooring options, you won't have to worry ruining your tiles or carpet for the sake of your pets. You both can enjoy your home while keeping it as beautiful as the day you moved it.