How to Remove Hair from your Carpets

Carpet cleaning is never anybody's favorite chore, especially if you have pets in the home, but nonetheless, you understand cleaning carpet is something which has to be done regularly. An indoor pet is going to shed at least a little, and pets who spend time outside are going to carry in dirt, debris, and smells which can make carpet cleaning a difficult chore. Never fear, there are solutions to such challenges.

  • A new vacuum cleaner is the single most effective solution to cleaning pet hair from carpet. Available with modern technology are vacuums designed specifically for the difficulty caused by pet hair and as such have the strength needed for any dirt or debris your pet may bring in.
  • Adding baking soda to the carpet about an hour before vacuuming helps loosen the hair and absorbs scents both caused by dirt or any “accidents” your pet may have had while inside.
  • A little known secret is the use of a sponge mop to pre-treat the carpet before vacuuming. It's as simple as wetting the sponge and wringing it out as much as possible, then going over the carpet just like you would mop a hard floor to clean it. As surprising as it sounds, it will loosen pet hair and free it from carpet strands, making it less work for the vacuum cleaner.
  • A spray bottle filled with a 3:1 water to fabric softener solution loosens pet hair from carpet strands and makes the entire room smell great. Just spray the solution over the carpet and allow it to dry, you'll think it's magic when you see how easy it is to vacuum up the hair.

Carpet cleaning is a chore you can never get rid of, but it doesn't have to be as difficult as cleaning carpet once was. Utilize a few tricks and welcome your pet back indoors without any reserve as to having to clean up later.