Rustic River Hardwood

Stand out from the crowd with a Rustic River Hardwood floor

At World of Carpet One, we are everything but a big box store, and we take pride in that. Being a local business, we have made a name for ourselves by providing high-quality flooring options and installations to the areas around Santa Rosa and Napa. Though we offer a number of hardwood flooring brands, there is one in particular that you won’t find anywhere else. Rustic River Hardwood is unlike any other hardwood floor with its quality craftsmanship and bold textures. 

“Each Lovingly crafted plank speaks in its own individual voice- to craftsmanship, quality, and integrity, from the heart of the hardwood.”

Rustic River HardwoodThe second you see our Rustic River Hardwood display, you will be captivated by the hand scraped textures, beautiful natural colors, and appealing styling. Rustic River Hardwood is made in the USA by skilled craftsman. Each plank shows their hard work and tells a story within the knots and grain. Though words aren’t etched into the wood, the unique features will stand out in your home. 

Rustic River Hardwood’s collections provide a variety of unique features. To make the decision process easier, they have created a rating system that will compare each style in a collection. However, the higher the character rating doesn’t mean the style is better. You character rating is dependent on what you are looking for in your hardwood floor, whether it be more variation with color and scrapes, or a traditional look, the total character rating will guide you to the best options. 

The total character rating evaluates the shade variation and scrape level of the hardwood. 
  • Shade Variation- The color consistency from one board to another. Or, the overall color impression. 

  • Scrape Level- The depth of texture and scraping in each style. 

Rustic River Hardwood also allows you to pick between a solid or engineered construction, as well as a species; which includes Oak, Maple, Hickory, Ash, and Walnut. Additionally, Rustic River Hardwood offers up to 30 years of protection on finish, wear, defects, and structural integrity. 

Bring richness to your home with the look of seasoned and weathered hardwood from Rustic River. To learn more about Rustic River Hardwood, contact World of Carpet One Floor & Home today, or visit one of our two showrooms in Santa Rosa or Napa, CA.