Tigressá® Carpets

Tigressá® provides a variety of options to fit your personal style and needs


You love having carpeting throughout your home, but your active family is destroying the idea of upgrading to another carpet. Tough your current carpet doesn't have the strength to protect against every day wear; you shouldn't give up on having a carpet all together. In fact, Tigressá® carpets are one of the strongest carpets available.

Tigressá® Carpet Collections

You might not think of durability when you think of a carpet, but a Tigressá® carpet will have you thinking otherwise. These carpets are made using tightly woven nylon fibers that allow more filaments per square inch. What this means for you is a carpet that is able to maintain its softness and strength for years. 

Waterproof Carpets

Tigressá® offers a few different collections to choose from, including Tigressá® Cherish and Tigressá® H20™. The Tigressá® Cherish collection is made up of recycled resources, and also has 75% finer fibers for more plush. In addition, Tigressá® Cherish also provides an advanced color technology to prevent the carpet from fading. 

Nonetheless, if you are looking for more strength out of you carpet consider Tigressá® H20™. Tigressá® H20™ offers a waterproof construction that prevents liquids from soaking into the carpet cushion and subfloor. Also, even if you miss a stain the first time, it can easily be cleaned up. Another notable feature to Tigressá® H20™ is that it is pet proof. Accidents happen, but Tigressá® H20™ won't retain the odors. 


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Tigressá® Carpet Collections

Tigressa H20

Tigressá® H20™

Provides a waterproof carpet construction. 

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Tigressá® SoftStyle

Tightly woven nylon fibers to prevent carpet fading and stains.

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Tigressa Cherish

Tigressá® Cherish

Uses an advanced color technology to prevent carpet fading.

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Give your family the carpet they deserve, and most importantly, a carpet you deserve. With Tigressa, you never have to worry about wear, stains, and fading. 

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