Best Carpet Brands

Tigressa H20, Lees, & Innovia Xtreme Clean

Best Carpet Brands 

In need of a new carpet that can withstand your active family? You may have thought there was no such carpet that can protect itself from the everyday wear, tear, spills, and messes. However, at World of Carpet One Floor & Home we offer the top carpet brands in the industry, including Tigressa H20, Lees, and Innovia Xtreme Clean. 

Each of these top rated carpet brands prove that you have can both style and durability with your carpet, for there is no compromising with Tigressa, Lees, and Innovia.



Top 3 Carpet Brands

Tigressa H20

If spills are an everyday occurrence in your home, Tigressa H20 is your carpet. This carpet offers a waterproof construction that stop liquids from soaking into the carpet and subfloor. In addition, even if you miss a spill the first time, it can be easily cleaned. Another component to Tigressa H20 is that it is approved in homes with pets for it will no retain pet odor after cleaning and accident.

Lees Carpet

Lees carpets combine style and strength. Lees carpets are stain resistant and repel liquids 4x faster than traditional carpets. Also, Lees ExtraLoc backing has double the density of standard carpet constructions. With Lees, you aren’t getting traditional. If the stain resistant and ExtraLoc backing isn’t enough, Lees carpets also come with a 25 year “No Exclusions” stain warranty that protects against any and all stains.

Innovia Xtreme Clean

Innovia carpets are well known for their softness and easy maintenance. Most spills on Innovia Xtreme Clean carpets can be cleaned just using water due to the patented Innotex fibers. These fibers are a natural based fiber that have no dyes and are permanently stain and fade resistant. Another standout feature to Innovia Xtreme Clean is its durable fiber shield which repels spills and soiling.

To learn more about the top carpet brands, contact World of Carpet One Floor & Home or visit any of our two showrooms in Santa Rosa or Napa, CA.